Every member of Roots is on their own personal wellness journey, dedicated to growing into the best versions of themselves. 

We are passionate about providing nourishing food to the community and educating others on a variety of personal development modalities. 

what the Palisades Newsletter has to say:

Foodies fiend for food trucks, and Rockland now has a fabulous one. A brightly painted throwback to the early 70s, this vegan food truck serves up seasonal, plant- based dishes that tease the palate and feed the soul. All ingredients are intensely fresh, and many dishes are raw, but don’t get frightened, this is vegan cuisine everyone can love.

The guiding principle at Roots is to present food at the peak of its flavor with maximal nutritional value and minimal intervention. This means if there’s mango in the Roots House Salad, it will be sweet, juicy and luscious. Chopped walnuts in the Timeless Tacos may not be recognizable, but as part of a medley of flavors and textures, they’ll surprise and satisfy. The Pad Thai will be peanuty and laced with garlic, but noodles will be curly strands of zucchini slick with rich sauce and topped with a mound of crunchy red pepper, creamy avocado and slivers of sweet red onion. It’s all part of an ethos to serve wholesome delicious food that challenges notions of what we need to consume in order to feel satisfied.

Roots started as a side business for owners Jodi Sardanis and Dean Orfas when they wanted to offer healthy, post-workout snacks for patrons of their Northvale gym. The smoothies and energy bars were such a hit that they expanded to a mobile food truck for music festivals and other events. Now they’ve found a semi-permanent home for the truck at the Bell-Ans Creative Arts Center compound.

It's a great location for this earnest venture. The Bell-Ans communal vibe is in the air, a badminton net beckons in the field, and local advertisements for guitar lessons, open mic nights and yoga classes flutter in the breeze. Sink into funky seating flanked by potted herbs, and tuck into the Beyond Burrito (crispy lettuce, Roots’ signature guacamole, and smoky cashew nut cheese wrapped in a sweet and spicy plantain wrap.) As the occasional friendly farm animal wanders by, enjoy a mini pleasure trip for the senses, and be grateful that Roots is committed to nourishing its customers in mind, body and soul.

Roots is a natural for lunch, but the truck is open until 7 pm Monday - Saturday, and take out is very popular. As the weather cools, indoor café seating is in the works.

 "The most amazing place I have ever been to! Best staff and best food.

There's never guilt after eating or drinking

anything from here.

Best environment to relax and hangout with friends in the hammock!

Definitely the best cafe around." 

— Erika C, Yelp Review

"Yes, Roots is Raw/Vegan/Organic and Gluten-Free, but the one thing missing from that statement is that it is delicious, satisfying, and addictive. I am not vegan, and my every day diet is not Raw or gluten free, however, I visit this cafe often."

— Annette M, Yelp Review



We're always looking for anyone filled with passion and energy. If you lean towards a lifestyle of healthy eating and are super interested in learning and helping others let us know!

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