Roots is a true hidden gem.

Dean and Jodi opened R.A.W. Fitness in Northvale, NJ with the focus to create a family- friendly, cost-effective, no-excuse environment that got people healthy and in great shape. They would see their members working very hard to get healthy in the gym, but forget that intention when it came to food. 

They decided to open Roots around the corner, offering smoothies and juices for after workouts. Dean and Jodi would joke that they "finally found a place where they could eat."

Their mission statement with the gym coincided with their thoughts on food:

"We believe in moving the way the body was designed to move.

We lift, carry, push, pull, drag, run and laugh. We are outdoors more often than in.

We focus on the entire body rather than isolating individual muscles."

They believe in eating food that the body was designed to digest.

Eating what grew outdoors from the earth instead of created in a laboratory.

They focus on using the entire plant rather than isolating parts and extracts.

For over ten years, Roots has stayed true to its mission of introducing wholesome, plant-based food to the community and it definitely doesn't stop there. Roots offers a way of life that supports long-term holistic health. This includes fitness, yoga, music, art, animals, nature, life skills and so much more. Take a look at our upcoming events and weekly classes here.

Roots is what it is today thanks to everyone who has ever stepped through the door and contributed to the mission in their own unique way. 

Roots is currently serving out of the food truck in Northvale, NJ Wednesday - Sunday with plenty of cozy, outdoor seating. 

Meet the Roots Team

Every member of Roots is on their own personal wellness journey,

dedicated to growing into the best versions of themselves. 

They are passionate about providing nourishing food to the community

and educating others on a variety of personal development modalities. 


Dom Calabrese

I’ve been playing music, specifically drums, since I was 13, but I have been tapping on objects since I was as young as 4. Throughout the years, I have studied several styles of music- rock, jazz, latin, classical Indian, tribal drumming, and more. 


The drums have taught me discipline, sharp focus, and self control. They’ve helped me build my confidence and offer as healthy stress and emotional management. They’ve also made life a beautiful song as I walk down the street listening to the birds, falling leaves, and wind. I can’t help but find the rhythm in it all. 

Along with drumming every Friday night with Weibaba, I co-manage Roots, teach private lessons, and explore/live a life of health and fitness. Without music, I would have never found myself at create night, an event Roots holds, which eventually led to my involvement in the cafe. 


Morgan Zelmer

Yoga has introduced me to my truest self, to the creativity that colors my inner landscape. The practice initially led me to discover Roots where I have been working for over 5 years now. Within this community, and through my daily practice, I have grown exponentially and discovered my passions and purpose in life. 

It is my intention to inspire a lifestyle of holistic health through classes, works of art, my role as co-manager at Roots, and just simply being myself. I am certified in Traditional Hatha Yoga and Kundalini Yoga, with years of experience in teaching all ages, hosting workshops, and offering private lessons. I am also a multi-media artist with a love for incorporating natural materials into my works such as mushrooms, bark, and mosses. Encouraging people to awaken their inner artist is something that I am very passionate about, believing that creative expression is a healing force.


Nature is my greatest inspiration, always teaching me to live a life in harmony with her cycles. 


Julianna Violetto

Soon after graduating from Ithaca College where I studied Environmental Studies with a minor in Health, I was lucky enough to be welcomed into this family which is Roots Cafe. I am now growing into my interests and finding my footing in life.

I have been eating plant-based for over five years now. Developing recipes, cooking with whole-foods, and sharing beautiful food art brings me so much joy. Roots Cafe is the most lovely space to let my creativity flow and to learn more about making food and desserts from raw foods.

Some of my many passions are travel, fitness, food, reading, and sustainability. There is so much beauty to be experienced in this world, and so much to learn from others and to teach others.


Sophia Hanley



Emily Hylas

I am a bright and cheery gal who loves dancing and spreading quirk like avo on toast. Working at Roots makes me feel that I am a part of something bigger than myself (because I am!). Holistic health is so important to me and truly vital for our Earth and the creatures that inhabit it.

Everyday I come to work so proud to be serving up food that is alive and infused with love and careful intention. I am a child at heart and Roots gives me the freedom and motivation to show up as my authentic self and help spread that to the world around me. It’s so important to me to love what I am doing and I hope to constantly inspire and be inspired by walking in that truth and in a path of bright shiny light. I am so grateful to be a part of an accepting and encouraging team.


Catherine McHugh

Since I am still in high school I have yet to experience everything I would like to.

Something I definitely want to do in the future is travel.

I feel like traveling is a way of experiencing the world around you and growing as a person.


My goal is to study the sciences in college.

Currently, I am on the track team in which I compete in the throwing events.


Kira Sardanis 



Class & Workshop Instructors


Coach Soni

I was born in Liberia, and I came here when I was 8 years old escaping a civil war. As a child, I went through so much and had a hard time fitting in - being from a different country, but sports was the one thing that helped me in life. I learned about myself, and meeting other children taught me how special our differences are, and how the bond of humans is what brings us together.

I played high school football for a legendary coach, Al Perturzo, in Nyc where I learned how to be tough, strong, and physical. I also ran track in high school for div 1 athlete and coach, Angelica Iannone, where I learned so much about myself, my inner strength, and about how to treat my body, mind, and soul.

For the last 8 years, playing football for the fire department, coaching and teaching sports, and working as an EMT and a firefighter in Nyc has taught me so much about people and their mental strengths and weaknesses. My goal is to take everything I have learned and pass it on to the future. By doing so, I will also be teaching myself and growing as a person.


Dave Ross

Dave Ross has over 25 years of teaching and instrument building experience. He has been actively playing, touring, recording and writing music for over 30 years. He holds a bachelor of music degree from Berklee College of Music, Boston MA. His talents have been recognized in many ways, including the receipt of a Boston Music Award and authorization of a US design patent.

He is also the creator and designer of many unique instruments including the amazing Patent pending Outar. 

More information on Dave:


 "The most amazing place I have ever been to! Best staff and best food.

There's never guilt after eating or drinking

anything from here.

Best environment to relax and hangout with friends in the hammock!

Definitely the best cafe around." 

— Erika C, Yelp Review

"Yes, Roots is Raw/Vegan/Organic and Gluten-Free, but the one thing missing from that statement is that it is delicious, satisfying, and addictive. I am not vegan, and my every day diet is not Raw or gluten free, however, I visit this cafe often."

— Annette M, Yelp Review

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