Real Application Workouts

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We believe in moving the way

the body was designed to move.

RAW is unique fitness training for elite health and longevity.

We train for strength, endurance, and to be healthy, capable humans.

All workouts share the common goal of replicating the movements of our ancestors.

We lift, carry, push, pull, drag, run and laugh. 

We can guarantee you will feel stronger, younger and healthier while

having fun doing it.

What To Expect:

-Physical strength in daily activity

-Cardiovascular health

-Resistance to disease and illness

-Cognitive clarity

-Better sleep

-Increased energy

-A supportive social community


Your first class is free!

Individual Classes – 10 pack – $150

Unlimited Classes - $95/month

High School & College Students Unlimited Classes - $50/month
(Teens have unlimited access to all classes for free if one or both parents are monthly RAW clients)

Family memberships available

Special rates available for teachers and public employees

Northvale cops and teachers come for free

RAW is located at 408 Paulding Avenue, Northvale, NJ

in the front of the building where Roots resides.

Come to your first class for free and speak

to Dean or Jodi about becoming a member.